TITLE  Wolfcop
CLIENT   CineCoup
DESIGN  Poster
DATE   15/03/14
REGION  Canada

A Cult film which has also become an iconic piece of mine. The brief was for something big, bold, fun and action packed!

I utilised the visual of big moon sitting centrally behind the main figure to highlight the werewolf aspect and also it would create a framework to anchor the elements montage around. For the main WolfCop character I gave him a Dirty Harry pose with BIGGEST possible magnum thrusting out of the picture, as the original tagline was “Dity Harry… But hairier”.

I designed the title treatment in that classic brush script style which felt very representative of a werewolf’s claw marks but with a stylistic magenta colouring which I felt contrast well against the purple of the background. It also added more of a zing than the obvious red colouring would have. The title treatment seemed to find a natural slot centrally in the composition and that then gave me a good space below to utilise for an panorama of action, with the wolf cruiser speeding out of an exploding barn.