Video Nasties

Video Nasty

TITLE  Video Nasty
CLIENT   The Poster Collective
DESIGN  Art Print
DATE   17/10/12
REGION  America

A special Halloween themed limited edition print for the Poster Collective. I wanted to give the piece a concept, so I thought, so I approached the design as a Video Store advertisement to celebrate renting horror movies on VHS at your local video store. An opportunity to combine all the classic 80′s dream team slasher characters in one poster. To then give it some true ’80s VHS styling I introduced the use of vector graphics, because NOTHING says the future of home entertainment technology than vector graphics!

The title ‘Video Nasty’ refers to a controversial UK phrase (which has been used numerous times through the years to talk about the evils of horror videos) So, to me it perfectly sums up the genre and that period, it also means a lot to me as big VHS collector.