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The Other Side of the Door 3

The Other Side of the Door C

TITLE  The Other Side of the Door C
DESIGN  Poster
DATE   23/02/16
REGION  America

1 of 3 designs I created for 20th Century Fox release of The Other Side of the door. They wanted some classic poster art for the release of this horror film about an American woman in India who learns of an old ritual, which will bring her son back to be able to say good-bye. She disobeys a sacred warning though and brings back some ancient evil. I created a ton of concepts for this one and they couldn’t decide on one so opted to go for a release of 3 alternate designs.

For this route I wanted a classic one image piece to represent the story in a similar fashion to the Alien or Halloween poster style, where have a more abstract representative visual for the film. So I focus on the big doors of the shrine and the 6 arms of the Indian daemon reaching out from behind them. I felt the unusual image of these 6 arms emerging from behind the creepy old doors would present a strong atmospheric visual.