The Editor

TITLE  The Editor
CLIENT   Astron 6
DESIGN  Poster
DATE   10/11/14
REGION  Canada

Astron 6’s cult follow up to Fathers Day. This time around they directed there dark sense of humour towards the world of Italian 70s Giallo cinema. I became friends with the guys and after talking with them on a trip to London I agreed to produce an alternative design to promote the new film.

For this design I decided to create a purely authentic Giallo piece of artwork, even having all the text and title in Italian. The use of colour fonts and layout are typical of the Giallo poster style. As for the imagery itself it ties into the films rolling joke about the treatment of women in Giallo films, so this intern is a very typical visual of the naked woman in mortal danger being attacked by the leather gloved maniac, as the film is about an editor she is sensually draped over an editing desk entwined in reels of film. You can also see homages to such film posters as Argentos, Tenebrae with the position of girls head, her white out eyes and draping hair.

For a final touch I created a print offset effect with the colours to give it that poorly aged print effect.