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Patch Town

TITLE  Patchtown
CLIENT   Craig Goodwill
DESIGN  Poster
DATE   21/09/11
REGION  Canada

I was approached to design a montage poster in a StarWars(ish) style. With the film set around this Soviet style city, I also took a lot of inspiration from old communist propaganda posters, originally I approached the design with everything set at strong right angles to reflect this even more but the director wanted a more straightforward layout. So I pulled out the communist design style more with a strong red and black colour pallet, background factories, light bursts and stalks replacing the usual bomber planes in the sky, as well as playing around the the title design for that Russian vibe.

The main character in the design is the evil enforcer of patch town, I felt he had the most pull as an interesting visual and dynamic character. I drew his dark side out with the grasping hand and evil skull Cain. Then bellow him are his special ‘police force’, who I set in a cabbage patch field and surrounded them by the Patch Town graphic coat of arms, mixing all the necessary visual story elements in the design but keeping them within the communist propaganda styling.