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Stylist magazine cover

TITLE   Stylist Cannes Magazine Cover
CLIENT    Stylist France
DESIGN   Magazine Cover
DATE    28/04/18
REGION   Europe

I was commissioned to illustrate the cover for Stylist France's magazine cover for there Cannes film festival edition. This was to illustrate the cover as a 70’s vibe movie poster. The theme of this cover being bad movie Cliches. With a list of items that they wanted to be covered, like 'a couple kissing under the rain', 'a suitcase full of cash' and 'a phone with any reception'.

I tried to keep it 70s poster vibe but also was also conscious of the nature of the magazine being style and more female orientated so I tried to keep the visual more sympathetic to that audience and appeal more to them. I did try strongly to push for the concept of the woman standing in front of the big explosion as I felt it provided more and a cool, exciting and impactful visual but you don't always get to steer the client in the direction you would prefer on commissions.