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Hobo with a shotgun

TITLE  Hobo with a shotgun
CLIENT   Magnet
DESIGN  Poster
DATE   17/01/11
REGION  America

This is probably my most well know artwork and something that really brought my signature style to the forefront and put it on store shelves world wide for people to see. I went for a quintessential classic poster/VHS art vibe, harking back to the vigilante films of the 70’s/80’s, which is what Hobo was all about. Unlike today in 2011 this style of poster art was overlooked and forgotten so I was feeling my way to quantify what was the spirit of classic poster art and how to recreate that style.

The big pull was obviously going to be Rutger Hauer (a true icon of the VHS era) and a BIG Shotgun. So that was always going to feature heavily in the design and something I would anchor all the sub narrative elements around. I may have taken some liberties with the shotgun! The massive Rutger Hauer title at the top is again harking back to the glory days of the old Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris films, where the lead actor’s name was usually bigger than the film title itself.

For the colouring pallet I wanted to reflect that vibrant, neon, almost-80’s style, so i brought in a strong use of magenta/purple in the sky and on the lighting for Hauer.