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Haus der Verfluchten

TITLE   Haus der Verfluchten
CLIENT    84 Entertainment
DATE    01/04/14
REGION   Germany

Aka ‘Seven Hyde Park’ due to the nature of this title I was able to get a bit more flamboyant with the content and conjure up this gillo abstract design. Very much in keeping with the genres classic art style.

I wanted to centre the design around a large knife and a screaming woman. As this was a latter 80s gaillo release I was able to add a dash of 80s styling to the woman. The killer holding the knife out of the darkness is sporting the iconic gaillo black leather gloves. Obviously as the title has ‘house’ in it I felt the need to throw one into the visual. Which I stylised as the classic iconic horror house mansion.

With most of the design being dark black and blues i needed some real punchy colour to contrast against the rest of this and jump off of the page, so the centred red for the title treatment and framing the woman in the dripping red blood really added that punch.