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beyond dreams door

TITLE   beyond dreams door
CLIENT    Vinegar Syndrome
DESIGN   Blu-Ray
DATE    30/01/21

one of three designs I did for Vinegar Syndrome’s “Home Made Horrors Vol. 1” box set. An amazing collection of three lesser known low budget, horror flicks you dream of finding on VHS. I wanted to create some true horror VHS style cover art for these, I don’t really get to tackle that much horror and VS really gave me the freedom to do something far out. Like all classic VHS horror covers I wanted to focus on the creature and be able to elaborating on the monsters to “sell the sizzle and not the steak”. With no expectations to include this or that element on these I felt the outcome crated something fun and impactful to accompany these masterpieces of lo-fi horror!

Beyond dreams door, I had the vision on the monster bursting out of the basement. It took a bit of playing around with the composition to get something that would sit evenly on the page (being an oblong shaped image really) and incorporate the claw reach out to the viewer.