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    Film Poster
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What can you say about WolfCop?! When i was approached by the J at CineCoup, it was clear they wanted something big, bold, fun and action packed!

So rather than make the design all dark and moody which would have been an easy direction to fall into for a night time werewolf themed movie, i wanted to force in as much colour as possible into the design to give it a more distinctive and entertaining and vibrant vibe!

Then although we were going down that classic montage route for the design wise (as i do so well on these grindhouse esque flicks!!!) I wanted to bring it into a more up to date fashionable context, so it felt like more of a modern up-to-date take on the poster design.

For the main WolfCop character he was always going to have a Dirty Harry take on his pose with BIG magnum bursting forth, the original tagline actually read “Dity Harry… But hairier” (before they got into trouble), so with our central action packed stance of Mr WolfCop, i then liked the idea surrounding him and filling most of the poster with a big bold yellow moon (him being a werewolf an all!), The big moon sitting centrally in the design would visually anchor the piece i felt.
When i then brought in the title treatment, it seemed to find its natural slot in the composition just below the wolf rather than at the very bottom as i usually find with these, so this gave me a good strip to utilise below the title for an action panorama! We had to get in that a essential explosion! as well as a speeding wolf cruiser! then the gangs with guns! and binge drinking pre wolf, WolfCop, Lou!

Surrounding the central WolfCop character we have the mysterious sultry fem fatal Jessica, whos sensually leaning over his shoulder (what are her intentions?!!?). Then theres Tina she’s all about justice and gets things done and is good with a gun! Willie WolfCop’s sidekick conspiracy theorist and the comedic relief.

Finally we needed a dangerous or villainous piece of the poster without spoiling anything of the story, The Gang Leader was a good visual villain, whose looked 80s and wears his sunglasses at night (nothing wrong with that i can tell you!). However i didn’t just want to drop another character as i felt he was a more representative bad guy ‘concept’ than main character, integrating him in the smoke plume, give the viewer more a sense of WolfCop cleaning up the streets disposing of the criminals i felt.