• Title:
    The Wrong Floor
  • Client:
    Marc Hamill
  • Design:
    DVD BluRay art
  • Date:
  • Region:
The Wrong floor is a bit of an indie grindhouse meets brit gangster flick. Its actually my first British film I’ve ever worked on and funnily enough its filmed and set in my old home town of Leicester.

They wanted a montage style design for that grindhouse vibe on the DVD cover but with more of an 80s retro styling (I was sent some of the 80s synth tunes from soundtrack which sounded great!)

So I played around with a strong use of colour for this design to provide that 80s vibe, as well as bold textures in the
background (paint washes) and spray paint stippling to enable me to integrate the action scenes more seamlessly next to the characters, blending elements like the Spanish villa and the science lab next to these bold characters, which allows the story elements to be more clearly outlined and breaks things up more visually than just a large pile of actors or heads like you can sometimes in montage designs.

The heavy purple and cyan’s of the illustration where then contrasted with the use of green for the title design to allow that to jump out more amongst all the crazy action going which surrounding it.