• Title:
    Legend Of The Psychotic Forest Ranger
  • Client:
    Paranoid Brunette
  • Design:
    Film Poster
  • Date:
  • Region:
The Legend Of The Psychotic Forest Ranger is a small independent film which was a rare opertunity to do a cheesy, 80’s ‘in the woods’ slasher homage. So I could really ‘camp’ up the action In this design.

There had to be a bit of a different approach to working on this design as there just weren’t any usable assets to work with for the illustrations, I didn’t even have a cut of the film. So we arranged a photo shoot with the guy who played the titles homicidal Maniac (and is actually a university professor!! ) and the Photographer Corey Kats also worked on the film. I sketched out some comps showing poses and angles id like to see for reference of then the guys went to work! Corey did some awesome pics which I could have created about fifty different designs from.

Although we had some great imagery to work with I still had to change a lot of the pose and composition around to get it all balancing in the design correct. So there is loads of forced perspective involved, which is the great thing about using illustration in movie posters, you can really accentuate the action more than straight photography alone can offer. Having action bursting out gives some real depth to the piece, its something I like to play around with in design as much as possible!

For the final design I kept petty close to the original concept which I had in my head from the start, that would be a break from the trademark montage style and create all the

action centered around the you the viewer, (This would have been a great opportunity for a 3D film!) to really draw you the viewer in and give you the experience of what it would be like to be the victim in an classic cheesy 80’s horror film, running away from the manic killer through the dark misty woods, tripping and falling over… then looking back… and there
he is behind you!!! Axe in hand just about to hack you up!

I also wanted to see if a could get the biggest axe possible squeezed into the poster (I don’t know if there’s a world record for the biggest axe on a film poster but I’m hoping to be a contender). I also threw all the classic elements you would expect to see in a cheesy slasher film: the moon, rolling mist and dark trees, with lots of homages to everything from ‘Sleep away camp’ to ‘Silent Madness’ and ‘Frightmare’ mixed
in the design.

The Director wanted to have glowing red eyes behind the Rangers glasses so I twisted this and gave him a red refection of a screaming girl, its more of an abstract image than a true reflection, which represents part of the films storyline (not to give too much away!).

For the title design I went for a complete Friday the 13th tongue and cheek nod. Had to be done! and good for getting people in the right mind set for the style of film.