• Title:
    Madison County
  • Client:
    Eric England & Ace Marrero
  • Design:
    Film Poster
  • Date:
  • Region:
Madison County film poster I completed this design right after The Legend of the Psychotic forest ranger LOTPFR and having already gone down a more tongue and cheek side of the slasher genre, i had to change gears for this one and deliver a more straight laced piece.

The film itself is by first time director Eric England producer Ace Marrero. Its very much in the same classic vain early 70s vain as films like A Texas Chainsaw and The Hills Have Eyes, so i really wanted to draw that vibe out for people in the art and allow them to make the emotional connection. 90% of the action takes place in the day this time so we wanted the design to bright punchy colours rather than the black dark tones, (which you usually get in horror posters!) rather than dropping in a blue sky though i wanted to give the piece more atmosphere and opted for an orange sky came in as i felt it held more visual impact.

The guys already had some photo posters out with a still of the pigs head being cradled by Damien, so they wanted a more classic montage style design to deliver the narrative of the film and give it more emotional impact (i do apologies for women get such a bum deal on this one but a girl
screaming holds a lot of cultural baggage in the long history of horror films).

I wanted to get in some kills n thrills around the poster in a forest setting but for the main centerpiece i really needed to have a classic slasher pose of the BIG money shot, so theres a classic homage in the characters positioning to posters like ‘Beyond’, ‘The devil within her’, ‘Hell Hole’ and ‘Mansion of the doomed’ (among many others) all being influences!

How to get both killer and victim playing to the audience in an embrace of death with a big scream and a totally over sized knife coming out towards the audience became a challenge. So with some home short references poses and a WHOLE lot of forced perspective. i worked in Damien doing a kind of sleeper hold from behind, which allowed the girl to then be reaching out into the audience, i love posters which literally produce a feel of depth to draw the viewer in.

I had great quote from the producer “looking at it felt as if I was watching a video” which was brilliant as that was the exact tone i wanted to go for this time!