• Title:
    Lead Me Astray
  • Client:
    Jace Pickard
  • Design:
    Film Poster
  • Date:
  • Region:
Like actors playing a favorite part this was always a dream design role ive been dying to perform since i started doing the posters, and I’ve been looking for a fitting opportunity to be able to really go for it on. So when Lead me Astray came along it with its story of a gang stalking a young couple, the pieces fell in place, especially as i saw undertones in the film to a lot of 80s vhs gang revenge flicks.

The design really draws those straight to video gang revenge movie influences, for setting the right tone in the audiences
mind set by harping to the ‘flamboyant’ classic vhs artwork of the 80s and playing a complete homage my favourite (and possibly the greatest film poster artists ever, in my humble opinion!) of Renato Casaro and Enzo Sciotti. So its the classic format design of the fleeing couple through the misty dark city streets, surrounded by the imposing visual of the evil gang looming over them, brandishing an accoutrement’s of street weaponry!