• Title:
    Jaguar Lives
  • Client:
    Arrow Video
  • Design:
    DVD / BluRay Cover
  • Date:
  • Region:
Jaguar Lives Staring Joe Lewis, Christopher lee and Donald Plesance among many others.

This was Arrows first commission of mine, They wanted a classic vintage illustration style montage for the cover quite ‘Colourful’ and ‘bright’, so I went with a yellow hue for the colour palette which allowed me to give the illustration that
punch vibrancy on shelf, yet still conveying that classic 70’s/80’s martial arts pulp poster dude designs vibe.

As its a cheesy martial arts action extravaganza a i just saw everything coming out of a BIG explosion, helicopters, jeeps, bikes… sexy bikini clad lady all with the shiny chrome/gold title to round it off.