• Title:
    Howlin' For You
  • Client:
    Chris Marrs Piliero (dir,)
  • Design:
    Film Poster
  • Date:
  • Region:
‘Howlin for you’ was a commission for Black Keys music video by Chris Marrs Piliero as part of the ‘I want my music video art show’ a celebration of the art of music videos, at the Meltdown gallery in LA.

Im a big Black Keys fan so loved the thought of working on this. the video itself plays out like a Grindhouse exploitation meets western film trailer, so it was a perfect fit for a classic movie poster style, also Chris wanted a lot of people on this one and getting everyone in proved to be a bit of a challenge. Plus the faces had to be quite prominent in scale so it was a
case of working out positions and poses which would
balance all the characters in the composition and reflect
there personalities.

The trailer has quite a bleached out Mexican western feel so this was inspiration to use a warm yellow colour pallet. the title treatment with the blocked out black at the bottom was a homage to the Italian western posters which would always have this style for the titles (probably to easily allow for localisation of the name in various countries).