• Title:
    Horror Sequels
  • Client:
    Horror Hound
  • Design:
    Maganzine Cover
  • Date:
  • Region:
This is a Magazine cover design i did for a feature article about horror film sequels.

To incorporate all the various films i based the design on the original artwork for Sleepaway Camp 2 and jazzing up the sack of goodies with visual references to Phantasm, HellRaiser, A Nightmare on Elm St, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Childsplay, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Leprechaun.
I then wanted to sex up the main character more so I incorporating one of the sexiest sequel scream queens ‘Linnea Quigley’ (Return of the living dead) as the girl,

Another hidden reference and quite a big part of the bottom, for which I drew a lot of reference from Terri (Kirsten Baker) in Friday the 13th, part 2 and is also a great homage to the 80s phenomenon of the ‘Long Butt’.