• Title:
    Frankenstein Created Bikers
  • Client:
    Big World Pictures
  • Design:
    Film Poster
  • Date:
  • Region:
Just when you thought it was safe to jump back on the hog… comes Frankenstein Created Bikers sequel to Dear God No!

I had loads of creative Freedom on this one James Bickert (the director) let me run wild with no real expectations (except for insisting nudity enter the picture some where), also as the movie was yet to be filmed i didn’t really have any cast restrictions. i skyped with the James and chatted about the plot, characters, twists etc. so all the elements do relate to the films story. Like the doctor, Jett again, and the dynamite lady.

After Dear God No! i needed to create an even bigger exploitation biker poster, something completely over the top, cheesy and sexy with a 70s vibe. So the idea of creation and rebirth inspired the thought process of having a
completely outrageous image of outlaw bikers riding forth from between a massive girls fishnet suspender
wearing thighs.

For the Bikers James mentioned having slightly zombie bikers but i wasn’t sure to which degree these bikers would be zombiefied and its also very hard to get that across with all the hair and sunglasses so i chose to visualize the death/Frankenstein theme more through the bikes with the use of skull headlamp and wing mirrors and little touches like the Hell Bound foot pegs.

To get that classic explotion effect in this one i integrated i painted the background canvas with acrylics and the scanned that it to work it digitally over the top, so it was a cool blending of physical and digital mediums.