• Title:
    Deadly Outlaw Rekka
  • Client:
    Arrow Video
  • Design:
    DVD / BluRay Cover
  • Date:
  • Region:
DOR is more of an serious and violent film than my previous cover Jaguar Lives, so it needed a darker vibe plus its also a more modern title (2002) so i couldn’t have the same cheesy layout as JL obviously. However as it was for Arrow Video i still wanted to keep that classic looking VHS artwork vibe. The first thing i did was to create the title and to encapsulate all that violence/blood lust I thought back to films like The Warriors, Repro man, Maniac with there brush style script logos for influence.
For the illustration itself i have always loved that dark to light style of painting so this was a great opportunity to play about with that technique, having all the characters colours merging with the darkness would really set the right atmosphere. The image though was going to come out quite dark and i needed to give it that extra kick (for shelf stand out) and I offset the black with big bold bloody red brush strokes and splatter, allowing me to highlight the characters and incorporate the logos style into the illustration more.