• Title:
    Video Nasty
  • Client:
    The Poster Collective
  • Design:
    Limted Edition Print
  • Date:
  • Region:
This is my first limited edition print commissioned by the Poster Collective for a special print to celebrate Halloween. So I wanted to give the piece a concept to work the design around, so I thought, “What did I love about horror films and Halloween.” and instantly hit on the idea of renting scary videos from the video shop on Halloween (any other night). It was a fun treat back then and always gave me a buzz with excitement over what film to rent for the night, something which I think all Gen-Xers can relate to. So, I really wanted to celebrate that and have this piece as a love letter to the horror movie VHS (and Betamax!) down at your local video rental shop.

I approached the design as if it was a sort of Video Store-esque advert/poster but done in a way to celebrate the memory, hence the tag line which is a play on the original Halloween ‘The Night He Came Home.’ The night they all came home from your local video store…

Creating a horror montage ad to promote VHS (and Betamax!) rental I had to go with (maybe the) only opportunity I’m going to get combine the classic 80′s dream team on one poster.
It was the perfect excuse (now there may be some
things about the lack of Leather Face but coming from the UK Texas Chainsaw was banned so the series wasn’t widely available and consequently not on my personal radar as a young boy, until I saw it later on, fantastic flick!).

For me these are the big characters of the ’80s slasher genre which although started off serious all went sort of fun almost cheese ball in the later sequels. Michael, Freddy, Jason and Chucky. (I’m a big Chucky fan!)

I then wanted to wrap the design up in some true home video ’80s VHS advert styling and introduced the use of vector graphics, because NOTHING says the future of home entertainment technology than vector graphics!

The title ‘Video Nasty’ refers to a controversial UK phrase (which has been used numerous times through the years to talk about the evils of horror videos, most of which you can now pick up uncut in your local supermarket!), So, to me it perfectly sums up the genre and that period, it also means a lot to me as big VHS (and Betamax!) collector.